Marine Led Lights

PopBloom Reef Led Aquarium Light 80cm-120cm Full Spectrum Marine Coral Fish Tank

PopBloom Reef Led Aquarium Light 80cm-120cm Full Spectrum Marine Coral Fish Tank

PopBloom Reef Led Aquarium Light 80cm-120cm Full Spectrum Marine Coral Fish Tank
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For 72'' Fresh Water Tank. PopBloom Led Aquarium Light 36. Full Spectrum Reef Coral SPS/LPS Tank. (1) All Panels controlled by One smart controller Together.

The Advantages of the Smart controller. Coral fragging, slow acclimation, vivid color, fast growth. Sunrise, Sunset, Lunar, Moon, 4 Seasons.

4 channels programmable and dimmable. 8 time pints on each channels to do your setting, light run automatically a whole day without setting again, even at night.

"Slow Acclimation" Mode in the first month to let your tank more comfortable with new environment, then try "Vivid Color" Mode or "4 Season" Mode. "Coral Fragging" Mode is suggested when cut/spread the coral, which can activate them.

Light run automatically a whole day with your preset setting, no necessary to manual dim them after some times, for example. At 6:00 in the morning, NO NECESSARY to get up to turn on light, the light can realize it! When travel, NO WORRY the brightness for your tank keep the same, DSunY light can help it! All depends on your setting before going outside on the controller! Work overtime, NO RUST into home to turn off the light, DSunY light can do it! Channel 1(11pcs): 10 white 20000K, 1 white 14000K. Channel 2(3pcs): 1 green 520nm , 2 blue 470nm. Channel 3(11pcs): 10 blue 470nm, 1 royal blue 450nm. Channel 4(15pcs): 4 white 14000K, 2 green 520nm, 1 red 660nm, 4. 2 purple 410nm, 2 UV 395nm.

40PCS 3W Bridgelux Bxce Bxcd LED. Power Consumption : 100W (save more than 15%). Secondary Optical Lens: 120 lens.

PAR Value: 720 PAR at 25cm for lens can output more PAR. Recommend Size of Tank(L/W/H): (16"-24") x (16-24") x 24". Light panel Dimension: 12" x 4.7" x 2= 29cm x 12cm x 5.5cm.

Controller Dimension: 4.4" x 3.3" x 1.2= 11cm x 8.2cm x 4cm. Gross Weight: 4.4 lbs/2 KG. LEDS & POWER Brand: Bridgelux BXCD Consumption: 0.8KWH/day. WORKING CONDITIONS Input Voltage: AC85-264V Power Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Temperature: -20 to 40? LIGHTINGS Beam Angle: 120 degree Hang Height: > 12 from water surface.

Installation Cable between panels: 11.8" Cable between the controller and panel: 11.8" Cable between power to panel: 2m Cable between power to socket: 1m Extension power cable: 24"/36" (optional) Hang kit: 11" Slide rail: 7.8" Adjustable distance between 2 panels: 19-29cm. DIMENSIONS 4.4" x 3.3" x 1.2 (11.2 x 8.5 x 3.1 cm) Weight: 0.66lb (0.3 kg). Slow / Vivid / Fast / frag. Level 2 effictive at night.

Make coral &fish slowly suitable for new environment. New tank or light change. Balanced lighting to increase the coral color. Strongest & longest lighting to make coral best grow, but lost color. Good condition & want to fast grow.

Simulate the run of seasonal & day Sun. PROGRAMMABLE CYCLE There are 4 independent channels and each channel is able to be set 8 time points, to make a flexible 24 hours-lighting-cycle.

To best simulate the nature sun, the light is gradually ramped up according to the "line formulation": Y=(x-x0)/(x1-x0)(Y-Y0)+Y1. For example, 2 time-points-setting in channel 1 are 00:00 0% and 10:00 100%, then on 00:00, the intensity is 00%; on 02:00, it is 20%; on 05:00, it is 50%; on 10:00 it is 100%.

If you want a continuous intensity of X% for a period of time, set X% at start time of the duration and same X% at end time. The following chart shows light runs on vivid color mode. The dot-points are setting-points and the lines are the actual running-curves of the intensity.

ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS Moon: There are 3 types of the moonlight simulations. No Lighting: all channels will be forced turn off no matter what modle choiced. Accord to Mode Set: the channels run according to the value of selected mode. Lunar Cycle: channel 1,3,4 are turn off and channel 2 simulates the nature lunar. Stage 2, in one year.

Human damage and no repair: order replacement on the price of only our cost. Stage 3, in 3 years. There is 15% discount for replacment. Q1: How many panels controlled by one controller?

A1: One controller can control more than one panel, even 12 panels. A2: Different countries have different custom policy, some countries are free, but others not. Q3:If one led is out, will it affect working of other leds?

The other leds will still work. Zener Protection to ensure one Led goes out the rest will continue working. Easy installation and change of led. Q4:Do this item has daisy-chain function or not? A4:DSunY light has daisy-chain function.

The advantage of our light is daisy chain, you can freely add more middle panels to your current light without changing the controller. Founded in 2009, DSunY is Constantly committed to push the limit of illumination technology for indoor biological farming, and is the company to have a multitasked staff of marine/fish/plant biologists, electrical/quality-control engineers, production managers & software developers, giving the ability to develop the most versatile, thoroughly tested &endorsed products, to oversee the quality control to the highest degree, while keeping price down. 2009: Determine the product design concept of "classified, modular, smart and affordable". 2010: Set the new industry standard for the aquarium lighting taxonomy as "reef coral, marine fish, fresh fish and aquatic". 2011: Develop ultra-thin light panel which providing the best PAR/Watt and lowest Price/PAR. 2012: Gain respect& recognition in reef coral and marine light by the highest optical uniformity, highest efficiency and greatest price. 2013: Establish "turtle lighting lab and "plant lighting lab. 2014: Launch groundbreaking controller, award leader on aquarium light market.

2015: Work tirelessly to improve upon "modularization & network" for big indoor farming project. 2016: Develop compact light panel which providing the best PAR/Watt. 2017: Win "top 1 led aquarium light" with market share: China 75%, UK 53%, USA 46%, Euro 32%.

2018: Develop arm kit, slide & sleeper rail to improve the installation. This item is in the category "Pet Supplies\Fish & Aquariums\Lighting & Bulbs". The seller is "dsuny_global" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Install Way: Hanging Way
  • Water Type: Marine
  • Model: Turing30
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Tank Capacity: 75 gal.

  • Type: Reef Light
  • Wattage: 200W (save more than 15%)
  • Features: Dimmable, programmable, Coral Growth, Color Enhancing, Full Spectrum, High Intensity
  • Smart Mode: Slow Acclimation, Fast Growth, Vivid Color
  • Function: Sunrise, Sunset, Lunar, Moon, 4 Seasons
  • MPN: Turing30 Reef
  • Program Mode: DIY 24hrs Day-night Cycle
  • LED Quantity: 80PCS 3W Bridgelux Bxce Bxcd LED
  • Channels: 4 Channels Full Specturm
  • Input voltage: 100v~260v worldwide voltage
  • PAR: 720 PAR@25CM
  • Suitable Tank Size: 30\
  • Brand: PopBloom
  • Application: General Lighting
  • Bulb Type: LED

PopBloom Reef Led Aquarium Light 80cm-120cm Full Spectrum Marine Coral Fish Tank